About Us

Quality Dent Repair (QDR) is state licensed and a fully insured professional mobile dent removal company. Our technicians have professional certification in the art of paintless dent removal. Also, we specialize in paintless door dings, minor dents, hail damage and plastic bumper dent removals. So, choose Quality Dent Repair to receive convenient mobile ding and dent repair service at your door step. Simply call a certified quality dent repair technician at (561) 900-4737 now.

About Our Service

QDR specializes in fast, convenient ‘quality’ paintless dent removal. In fact, we’ve mastered the skill of pushing dents in the right spot for quick results. Appropriately, we’ve been able provide our clients with fast and impeccable mobile dent removal services. Furthermore, our clients have come to appreciate the saying, “time is money.” Indeed, this ‘quality’ service gives our valued clients the freedom to get back to living, working, shopping and driving their vehicles dent free!

About Our Clients

Quality Dent Repair works with a variety of highly respected new and pre-owned auto dealerships. We also provide fast mobile dent removal services to lease, fleet and rental agencies. Our clients also include auto body shops, dent protection warranty and auto insurance companies.

About Our Mission

Our mission is “to take away the stress one dent at a time.” That is why we will come to your location and provide a ‘quality’ dent repair in a fast, convenient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Paintless Dent Repair work?

Paintless Dent Repair involves the use of highly specialized tools to gently massage the metal back to its original form. There is no paint or filler involved in this type of repair method. Actually, this process safely preserves your vehicles exterior finish and structural integrity. Plus, it helps maintain your vehicles book value!

What size dents can be repaired with the PDR method?

Smooth, shallow dings, dents and creases from the size of a dime to the circumference of a basketball can be repaired.

The best way to learn what size dents can be repaired is to email [email protected] or text (561) 900-4737 clear pictures of the dent. That way we can verify if the dent can be clearly accessed and removed 100%.

Is PDR covered by Insurance Companies?

Yes! Insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm and Geico appreciate the financial savings associated with the paintless dent removal alternative to auto paint and body repair. For instance, in case of hail damage, PDR will provide you with huge savings on time, paint, materials or the need to get a rental car. Plus, fixing a minor door ding and shopping cart dent will cost less to remove than making a claim through your auto insurance.

How much does Paintless Dent Removal cost?

A dime/quarter/1” sized ding or smaller averages between $155-$255 on a non aluminum easily accessible flat door or fender surface panel. Aluminum panel price per ding/dent quarter sized or smaller averages between $225-$275. A dent on a body-line requires a clear picture or video to estimate. A golfball sized dent starts at $375+ pending access on a composite steel/aluminum panel. A 4” + crease/minor collision dent without paint defect requires a full assessment. Text or email [email protected] 3 pictures or a video of your dent at different angles for a free estimate. Please include the year, make, model and your city.

What if my vehicle has aluminum panels?

Well, you should keep in mind that aluminum panels take 2 to 5 extra pushes to move this composite material compared to typical sheet metal. As a result, there is normally a 10-25% up charge pending the location of each ding or dent. Other factors to consider include removing and reinstalling hood, roof, trunk liners or taillights.

Can all dents be removed with the Paintless Dent Repair method?

No. Not all dents can be removed with the PDR method. For example, if the dent’s close to the edge of a panel or stretched beyond the memory of the metal, it cannot be completely restored with PDR. Remember, accessibility is key. So, to determine if your minor ding or dent is fixable with the PDR method, simply send us an email or text. Also, be sure to include a clear picture or video along with the year, make and model.

How does QDR work with auto body shops?

Well, let’s say your vehicle was brought into a bodyshop for extensive damage. While there, the body shop manager notices that there are a few door dings on the vehicle. The manager will call in a quality dent repair tech to remove the dings. However, there are times when a large dent may need bodywork. Sometimes, the manager determines that it’s better to push most of the dent out rather than fill it before painting. At this point, a quality dent tech would be called in to “push to paint.”

How does QDR work with Dent Protection Warranty Companies?

There are a variety of local and national dealerships that sell a form of dent protection warranty policy. Interestingly enough, a dent policy is either prepackaged in the msrp of the vehicle or sold as an added item. Of course, such a policy provides minor dent removal protection to your vehicle for a term of up to 5 years. As a matter of fact, this type of policy is especially popular on leased vehicles. However, it’s also sold on new as well as pre-owned cars, trucks and suvs. Assuredly, QDR provides paintless dent removal services for a wide variety of dent protection warranty companies.

What are the benefits of Paintless Dent Repair?

There are many benefits to using the paintless dent repair process. Some of the most immediate benefits are that it is environmentally friendly and very convenient. Also, this method maintains the factory paint, restores your vehicle’s value and is a much faster repair than traditional body work. Plus, a ding or dent generally costs less to repair than if you take it to your local dealership or body shop.